當她在第六週渡假時,Muja Kina 會幫她代班。


As of the July 25th, 2017 Build, Nasu has short, dark brown hair, dark brown eyes and wears a white nurse outfit with a pink undershirt.


"After an incident in 1989, the Japanese public began to associate Akademi High with the thought of murder, and enrollment rates dropped sharply.

In order to restore the school's reputation as a safe place for higher learning, the Headmaster mandated that all faculty members take courses in self-defense.

As a result, every staff member at Akademi High - from the teachers to the nurses to the guidance counselor - is capable of defending themself against a direct assault from an armed attacker."


Nasu is part of the school's faculty. She has the Strict persona and has had extensive martial arts training. She will give Yandere-chan a suspicious look if Yandere-chan aims her phone camera at her.

Since Nasu has the strict persona, she will run up to Yandere-chan and apprehend her if she commits murder.


Nasu walks around the infirmary all day. Yandere-chan is able to steal her keys to open a locked cabinet, if Nasu catches her, she will be expelled.



注射器和鎮靜劑都在保健室。獲得這些將會成為挑戰,因為護士會將他們保存在一個被鎖的容器(櫃子)裡,以防止學生使用它們。 如果想要裡面的藥物,需要一個學生因中毒原因讓護士拿出鑰匙以獲得藥物。這個時候玩家可以找(偷)到鑰匙,取得注射器(syringe )及鎮定劑(tranquilizer)。


  • 在未來的版本,如果學生發現有人受傷將會先行尋找護士,而不是老師。
  • The game will randomly generate a new nurse to replace the previous one if they die.
  • Her appearance was changed in the July 25th, 2017 Build as she looked too much like Muja Kina
  • Her first name, Nasu (ナース) and her last name, Kankoshi (看護師) both mean 'nurse' in Japanese.
  • As of the January 7th, 2018 Build, it is now possible to take pictures of her pantie
    • She is the only faculty member that can have their panty shot taken.