Sakura is the main protagonist of the game Burning Love.


As the game is first person, it is unknown what Sakura looks like, or their gender. Their name can be customized, but Sakura is the default name.


Sakura is shown to be very compassionate, but power hungry. They try very hard to "woo" the Flame Demon. When he grants Sakura their desire, Sakura is shown to be very tyrannical as an option available is "Conquer the demon realm" or "Kill everyone at my school with fire". Sakura may also be somewhat lewd, as they had decided to enter an intimate relationship with the Flame Demon without even speaking to him.


After placing a bloody ritual knife inside a skull in the Occult Room, Sakura is taken to the Demonic Plane. Depending on the right choices, they can go on a date with the Flame Demon, and eventually enter a romantic relationship with him.


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From when they first met, Sakura had an obvious attraction to the Flame Demon. Sakura frequently says that they "wants to make out with him". They can also compliment and flirt with the Flame Demon on their dates, making him eventually develop a crush on Sakura.